Wednesday, 27 July 2011

PAS Partnership: Mysterious Welshman Comments on Montgomery Hoard

Comments on: "Another Tekkie Finds More Old Coins in a Pot - Whoopee"

The comments below were sent to the post above on the Montgomery Hoard. I've moved the post itself (because I got fed up with seeing it stuck at the top of the 'popular posts' sidebar), but the comment seems worth keeping. Who is this person, writing so authoritatively on the find? Why does he not wish to reveal his identity? Read the comments and think about it.


Gruffydd said...

Having come accross your blog today, I was surprised at the somewhat hysterical and intemperate tone of its attack on both Mr Adrian Simmons and the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT). The trust is a highly respected public body which has contributed much to archaeological and historical understanding in north and mid-Wales, and neither its reputation nor its very public endorsement of Mr Simmons's actions should be lightly impugned.

It appears that you are not in possession of all the facts relating to this case. An account in today's 'Western Mail'---Wales's leading newspaper---explicitly states that Mr Simmons contacted CPAT the morning after the discovery of his initial batch of coins, i.e. there was no delay in reporting the find. Further, your implication that no archaeological context for the burial of the hoard can be established is contradicted by the following extract from the 'Western Mail' article:

'Jeff Spencer, historic events records officer for CPAT, said: "We are very excited by the find and delighted to have seen it. We are also pleased that Adrian has been so happy to work with us and responsibly did the right thing by getting in touch with us. "These kind of finds only come up once in a generation. Although the find itself is important, it's also where it was found that is important." Mr Spencer said the pot's discovery could point to a larger farmstead based in the area during Roman times. "If we find any post-holes or ditches, it could possibly be the boundary to someone's farmstead," he said. "It increases the potential but doesn't always guarantee it."

It appears that you are adopting a fundamentalist and blinkered approach to this matter.

I should add that I am a resident of mid-Wales who is not a metal detectorist, who does not know Mr Simmons, and who does not have any formal association with CPAT.

Paul Barford said...

Hi "Gruffydd" (that's not your real name is it? Your profile does not reveal who or what you are).

Now I really do not think you expect me to take what you have written with any seriousness. Do you?

"It appears that you are not in possession of all the facts relating to this episode".
Are you Gruffydd? From where?

According to the news report I was commenting upon, Mr Simmons pulled out NINE HUNDRED coins before reporting it, that's about 30% of the find isn't it? How many coins would you need to determine you might have a hoard? 15? 25? 36? 50? (Have a look at the treasure Act and see how many coins is a "hoard"). Why would you take 900 of them out of the ground? What for? I'd say that was at least 850 too many to be called "responsible". That's nine hundred coins that cannot be collected like the coins in the Frome Hoard were.

the following extract from the 'Western Mail' article... well, either you are blind, or I am. It says NOTHING about the actual archaeological context. Jeff Spencer (Wrexam Detecting Club's pal) merely says "if we find..." and speculates does he not? Not "we have found...". And who now pays for the excavation to "find" that unfound "farmstead"? You, Mr Gruffydd and the local taxpayers more like.

"I should add that I am a resident of mid-Wales who is ..." most likely going to be asked to fork out in the next few months to "keep this hoard in the region", so I am very surprised that you apparently paid not a half-second's attention to the main points I made about what this is all "for".

Paul Barford said...

Go on, tell us your real name. If you are who you say you are - an uninterested bystander - you have no reason to hide your identity, do you? You express an opinion, and I cannot see why anyone not actually involved would not be prepared to sign their real name below it.

I am getting fed up with all these sock puppets who can't honestly say who they are and discuss something out in the open.

I put this stuff out under my own name and for my pains reportedly get insulted by name by your precious CPAT when they talk to metal detectorists and Women's Institute members. So the least you can do if you want to discuss what I say is just put your own name at the top of the post.

Paul Barford said...

Well, it seems the "resident of mid Wales" wants to remain anonymous.

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