Saturday, 4 July 2020

Timelines Auctions- Ha ha Ha Ha !!!!

Essex antiquities dealer goes from sad to pathetic "Naiad Holding Golden Hydria" (what? Where?)  est 6000/8000 no provenance given yet... sort of 1960s suburban art college would be appropriate. Should have stuck to birds, Mr Hammond. It got a 'fail' for lack of expression and poor proportions.

Caveat emptor greatly with these guys. 

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Unknown said...

Yes Paul,

Timeline are really missing a Golden Opportunity! They really should be selling 'Bags Of These Mosaic Tiles' to the children of their 'Punters' ''Make Your Own Piece Of history, You Chose The Subject'' It would be much better than Lego or a Jigsaw Puzzle and would no doubt bring on the next generation of 'Punters'!

Who Knows? When Mr Hammond reads your post it may start the Ball Rolling.

Jamie Corrigan

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