Friday, 24 July 2009

How To Get Involved In Archaeology in the UK

A brief guide to "How To Get Involved In Archaeology in the UK". This is a
short guide designed to help answer some of the basic questions that are asked about getting started in archaeology, whether as an interested amateur a determined schoolchild or a student getting ready to leave university or college. It can't be completely comprehensive, without being hundreds of pages long, but hopefully adds enough detail, and links to other resources to satisfy most questions. Includes YAC clubs, starting a local society, Writing a CV and a few other pointers.
Not a mention of a metal detector in sight. Good. More puzzling, no mention of the role of the PAS bringing archaeology (sic) closer to the public. But I suppose (given the manner in which this is currently done), we might question whether they do.

To what degree are comparable resources open to those wanting to "get involved in archaeology" in other artefact-collecting countries such as the USA or Canada?


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Paul Barford said...

Archaeology is more than just the study of isolated artefacts in their own right. It is a significant structural flaw in British archaeology's "largest archaeological outreach" to the public is that it is a scheme only concerned with artefacts, and as it happens, primarily artefacts found by artefact hunters and collectors. This inevitably therefore gives out entirely the wrong message of 'what archaeology is about'.

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