Thursday, 23 July 2009

A Group of Artefacts Exported from Where?

Readers of this blog may recall the eBay seller who was offering unreported "dugups" from England and the ensuing discussion. He is now advertising another lot of uncleaned "dugups" on the Yahoo Uncleanedcoins list, this time he's not letting on where they are from.
Re: An Uncleaned Lot From Un-Named Middleast Country
Costly to get but an interesting lot as can be seen. I am accepting $135 for the 45 coin lot and that includes shipping. Paypal accepted as well as checks and money orders. Need to cover 3% paypal fee is required if used to pay. First come gets the lot. You wont be disappointed.
Hmm, there's some little Late Roman bronzes (or is one maybe silver?) a Byzantine coin, some Islamic ones, Mamluk it looks like. This unnamed source country would not by any chance be one of those Middle Eastern countries (Turkey, Egypt, Syria, [Iraq?]) with export laws which means that anybody shipping them to the USA without following the proper procedure is committing an illegal act, would it? I am sure honest Joe Blazick ("romanpeddler") has an export licence for them, just failed to mention it in the sales offer. I guess that means though that he will not be able to sell this lot until he posts this additional information on the website, as I am sure no collector of ancient artefacts would touch it without such an assurance that the transaction was legal from beginning to end.

Map: Area under Mamluk control in red (Wikipedia)

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