Thursday, 26 August 2010

Unprovenanced Greek Coins on the International Market

I am reminded of a case that came up last year on David Gill's Looting matters (Octodrachm seized in Switzerland: update)... Although we did not hear of the final outcome of this case, it seems the coineys are afraid that if Greece asks the US to step in and help stem the flow of illegal exports, seizures of this type will become more frequent. But what does this tell us about the current nature of the trade in such items? Does not talking about a problem make it go away?

What is the real significance of coiney claims about their "internationalism"?

UPDATE 12.01.2012:
Greece secures Swiss confiscation of rare ancient coin that was allegedly illegally excavated Washington Post 12th January 2012.

Photo: Is this the coin in question? "Kings of the Bisaltae, Mosses, Octodrachm" sold by Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG last year (" Like much of the Archaic coinage from the Thraco-Macedonian region, this discovery piece of the ruler Mosses raises as many questions as it answers": like where it came from). The date of the sale seems to match that mentioned in the Greek news report. SeePeter Tompa's "Gill Post on Coin Seizure Does Not Add Up".

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