Thursday, 19 May 2011

Coineys- What's This, Please?

I know that from time to time some coineys drop in to see what I am writing about, and I'd like to invite them to help sort out the background to an event I discussed. I bet some among you recognise the description cards (COAs?) with these coins reportedly found in Dr Lund's baggage, sorry for the quality of the picture. If you do, can you drop me a line saying whose cards they are, where they would have been packaged, and what the coin is likely to be? Is it in fact another way to present the "widow's mite" coins with a picture of the widow in the Temple on the upper right? Would I be right in suspecting they are commercial products that would otherwise be legally exportable from Israel, like the prutahs in the olive-wood box on the right hand side of the photo of seized items in the previous post?


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