Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Celebrates (sic) a "Success"

I said in the post above this that the press release "Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Celebrates Seven Years of Defending Ancient Numismatics" does not highlight its successes over the past seven years. That is not quite true, the ACCG draws to everyone's attention that
in its first days, the guild successfully opposed legislation that would have created unnecessary import restrictions on antiquities originating from Iraq and Afghanistan.
brilliant, a great "victory" for US dugup collectors.

So that's Iraq:


and Afghanistan?

But US dug-up collectors don't care. Heaven forbid that the US should legislate making it impossible to sell the products there, eh?

Sources of pictures, Iraq, smuggled artefacts, trampled potsherds left by looters, Umma looters' pits trashing site, Nimrud gold, unprovenanced Ilkhanid coin (Baghdad), unprovenanced cuneiform tablet, Afghanistan, looters near Kabul, British Museum photo of artefact hunting "partners" in Afghanistan, knocked off "Gandhara" sculptures, more, Blood antiquities on sale, unprovenanced Kabul jital (medieval coin). Q- How do US coin collectors choose who writes press releases on their behalf?


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