Saturday, 30 July 2011

Another Defendant Sentenced in the Four Corners Looting Case

This is getting boringly repetitive. Of 26 defendants arrested in an investigation and sting in 2009, most have accepted plea deals. I think we are coming almost to the end of the series aren't we?

The next one up before the Judge (U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart) was Tad Kreth (32) who was initially charged with 16 felonies in federal court. He however pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in stolen artefacts, and in exchange for that, the remaining charges against him were dismissed. Kreth reportedly "apologized for his actions" which does not of course render the sites involved in those 17 individual actions whole again, it does not assuage the damage looting does. He got 24 months probation.

Melinda Rogers, 'Another defendant sentenced in Four Corners artifact-trafficking case', Salt Lake Tribune 29th July 2011.

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‎"...robbing a grave in Utah is the same as robbing a tomb in Egypt."

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