Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Launch of Mortimer Website

Jul 25, 2011

"The Natural Environment and the Historic Environment is one thing, Our Environment".

Launch of Mortimer Website
"Mortimer" is proud to announce the launch of the new Mortimer Petition website. Mortimer is named in honour of the great pioneer of popular, public archaeology, and TV Personality of the Year two years running, Sir Mortimer Wheeler. Mortimer is not affiliated to any political party, commercial company or existing archaeological organisation. It is membership led and volunteer driven and has three simple principles...

1) People of the past shaped our environment of today and are shaping the environment of the future. Therefore we all have a duty to preserve and enhance the quality of our environment because, once our natural and historic treasures are lost, they are lost to everyone and lost forever.

2) We best preserve and enhance our environment by working in an inclusive, sustainable partnership with all members of our communities, to value our past histories, heritage and the environment within which they are found and by promoting the study of the science, history, natural history and archaeology which help us explore, understand and enjoy them.

3) We also believe that everyone who takes part in this journey of shared discovery and who is passionate about it, deserves a single clear voice which isn’t afraid to tell those in power how important Our Past is to Our Future.

Mortimer is that voice".

[only one problem I see, the first news reports include a UK metal detector 'Treasure' find, how does Mortimer define that public involvement, does it include people going out with metal detectors ripping out little pieces of the past for entertainmemnt and profit, imagining it is in some way "community archaeology" - because, the way it is generally done, it is NOT. I note the phrase "historical treasures" in principle one and think we ought to ask what they mean by that, and whether it is not misleading in the English-language concept. Preserving cuddly pandas is easy, but what about the rare slugs?].

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