Wednesday, 6 July 2011

‘Britain’s Secret Treasures’ : So, it IS going ahead then....

At the time this was being discussed the PAS claimed they "tore it up and binned it immediately", but this turns out not to have been the truth at all. I found this on the Solent Metal Detecting Club webpage:
ITV Finds Day in Sussex 30/07/11‏
From: Fox, Sinead ([...]) Sent: 04 July 2011 12:27:49 [...]
Hi there, My name is Sinead and I am working on a new pilot series at ITV called ‘Britain’s Secret Treasures’. In conjunction with the British Museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme we will be holding a finds day on Saturday 30th July in the South East, likely to be in the Sussex area – venue tbc. I wanted to make initial contact to see if any of the members of your organisation have made any unusual or noteworthy discoveries in the last few years and would be interested in coming along to have their finds assessed by Finds Liaison Officers and British Museum curators on the day. I will be in touch again as soon as the location has been confirmed, but in the meantime it would be fantastic to hear from anyone that would like to be involved. My direct contact number is [...] I look forward to hearing from you, Best Wishes, Sinead

And why did "Sinead" choose the Solent club? Who put them up to that? Three guesses. Who whenever they've got a journalist wanting to do an interview sends them down to Frank Basford's artefact collecting "partners" and others in the region?

So despite reportedly denying it, the PAS is going ahead with their original plans to produce a programme glorifying Treasure Hunting. What kind of "archaeological outreach" will that be achieving?

I see the Selsea group has also been contacted and there is even an enthusiastic message from the PAS FLO encouraging artefact hunters to take part...


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