Monday, 25 June 2012

UK Government to Tackle Problem of 'Culture of Entitlement'

UK Prime Minister David Cameron launched today a scathing attack on what he calls the "culture of entitlement" in the British welfare system, indicating a damaging and divisive gap in Britain between those who contribute to society and those currently enjoying privileges inside the welfare system who have "learnt to work the system". He suggests that "it is time we asked some serious questions about the signals we send out through the benefits system".
"Those within it grow up with a series of expectations: you can have a home of your own, the state will support you whatever decisions you make, you will always be able to take out no matter what you put in. This has sent out some incredibly damaging signals. That it pays not to work. That you are owed something for nothing. It gave us millions of working-age people sitting at home on benefits even before the recession hit. It created a culture of entitlement. And it has led to huge resentment amongst those who pay into the system, because they feel that what they're having to work hard for, others are getting without having to put in the effort."

 If these reforms are introduced, it will be interesting to see what effects this will have on the frequency some people of working age currently are apparently able in the UK to go out metal detecting instead of looking for a job. Metal detecting is the epitome of a "culture of entitlement", and through the PAS and Treasure Awards costing the British public purse millions. Perhaps the PAS would like to tell the government just how many of its "partners" include those living long term in the welfare system.

Patrick Wintour and Hélène Mulholland, 'Cameron announces Tory plan to slash benefits' The Guardian, Monday 25 June 2012

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