Wednesday 15 August 2012

Detecting Under the Microscope: Archaeological Finds Reporting Compulsory for NCMD Members

“This Code is both fair and practical. By adhering to this Code the vast majority of metal-detectorists will be able to demonstrate that they have a genuine interest in the past and wish to benefit from the knowledge they gain from their hobby. The National Council for Metal Detecting is replacing its existing Code, a part of its Constitution, with the new one.  Adherence to the Code when metal detecting is a condition of membership”
The NCMD is to be congratulated on taking this important step. By making reporting of all material found compulsory on members (with sanctions on those who are found not to be complying  - withdrawing membership means withdrawing their third party insurance cover) unreservedly, this draws the line in metal detecting between 'white' and 'black' more firmly than it has ever been before, and eliminates the 'grey'. It also has the significant effect that the PAS now can concentrate less on cajoling objects out of artefact hunters an more on robust outreach concentrating more on questions of best practice, detecting on known archaeological sites, permanent pasture and earthwork sites, selectivity of data collection, the ethics of artefact collecting in general, no longer threatened by detectorists that if they do not take a more liberal line, they will withdraw support. Now what about the FID and other groupings, when will they follow suit?

UPDATE  Monday, 20 August 2012:
For an explanation: UK Detecting Code of Practice Who Was Deceiving Whom?


Sheddy said...

Most people have third party liability within the terms of thier house insurance, NCMD and FID insurance are an unnecessary adornment to the hobbyist.

Paul Barford said...

what if they are not home owners?

Sheddy said...

Good God! Are you insinuating that there may be some people who pursue this hobby who do not own their dwelling? Am I socialising with peasants and poor people? This will never do, I'm putting my detectors on Ebay immediately!

Paul Barford said...

Young people? Asylum seekers freshly-arrived in the UK eager to learn about its culture? Time-travellers wanting to see what Brits in the 21st century did with their spare time?

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