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The Southern Detectorist Group Decide to Check Out Ethical Detecting

I discussed the Southern Detecting Group on this blog a while back. Now, a bloke calling himself "SDG Member" comments on Heritage Journal (04/11/2013 at 13:05) that it would be "nice" if metal detectorists would "get recognition for what we do actually contribute":
 Language like “artefact hunters” and “targetting legally unprotected sites” is all a bit too emotive. Yes, sites are researched and “targetted”, but you can only dig if you have permission  [...] as long as any finds are logged, cared for and recorded with the PAS then i fail to see why this would not be seen as contributing to the heritage conservation of a specific area. Yes, it is true, many detectorists fail to submit their finds for recording and only detect to add to their own collections. But please this does not apply to all detectorists, so stop tarring all detectorists with the same brush and instead start talking to the more responsible detectorists to see how we can improve things together
Heritage Action (04/11/2013 at 13:54) reply:
 “it would be nice to get recognition for what we do actually contribute” Eh? But already you get far more recognition and praise than anyone else that is involved in archaeology. You even have your own Government quango dedicated to praising you!
"Language like “artefact hunters” ….. is totally accurate isn’t it. Why would you not want people to think that’s what you do?
targetting legally unprotected sites” is not emotive it’s entirely accurate isn’t it. You say yourself that “sites are researched and “targetted””. We agree.
as long as any finds are logged, cared for and recorded with the PAS ….” You make it sound like that’s the norm. Trouble is it’s not. That’s the problem.
stop tarring all detectorists with the same brush” Funnily enough, we’re the people that DON’T do that! Detectorists and many archaeologists do. They say detectorists that don’t nighthawk are all fine fellows. We say 70% aren’t, as they don’t report all their finds. OK?
 SDG Member's not going to give up (04/11/2013 at 14:06):
 So what can the decent, responsible detectorists that dig responsibly and painstakingly record their finds do to help raise the standards of the 70% that allegedly dont…??? My headphones are off and im all ears… 
Heritage Action's reply is worthy of note ( 04/11/2013 at 14:30)
Good. Well for starters you can divorce yourself from those who DON’T “dig responsibly and painstakingly record their finds”. Just because both you and they own metal detectors doesn’t mean you and they have anything in common. You don’t. They are selfish and antisocial, you aren’t, why ruin your own reputation by being associated with them? Resign from any club that doesn’t have a rule making reporting to PAS compulsory (that’s all of them except one) and from any national federation that hasn’t the same rule (that’s both of them). Then set up your own national federation and clubs WITH those strict rules and watch the “recognition for what you actually contribute” and invitations to dig come pouring in. That’ll do for starters…. PS, we do know of your Group and your wish for it to be an exemplar. We’re happy to discuss it here. Your “standards” are currently blank. Obviously the “report to PAS” rule would fit well there. Also, see here. http://heritageaction.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/ethical-metal-detecting-association-launched/ Most detectorists think it is nonsense. But most detectorists don’t behave themselves anyway so they would.[...] [Re; the setting up of a national federation]:  Just draw up a set of standards and let anyone who wants to subscribe to them do so. I should warn you, I suggested this in conjunction with a group of detectorists years ago and it got strangled at birth by those who saw it as a threat to their freedom (to misbehave) so you may get some hassle. But being recognised as the aristocrats of the activity and known to be not having awful people in your ranks and having all sorts of benefits and open doors appearing as a result should be ample compensation. 
SDG Member (4/11/2013 at 15:16):
Thanks heritageaction. I have just checked out the ethical metal detecting code and it offers much food for thought… let me canvas my members…i will be back in touch shortly…
Vignette: A SDG Member does some recording.


Unknown said...

And your point is?

Unknown said...

And the point you are trying to raise is what exactly? I often read your blog but you often go out on a tangent, I just do not understand the arguments you are trying to put forward at times. Here you are quoting a Gentleman ("Bloke") who is trying to reason with the people at Heritage action and all you can do is attempt to dismiss and embarrass him. Could you please clarify your reasoning that led to the uploading of these nonsensical rants?

Paul Barford said...

To be honest, Kristan, it is difficult for me to see what your point is.

I assume you will agree with me that "SDG Member" is no more a name than "Tufty Club member", it may be an indication where this person's sympathies lie, but not a name.

I do not think or she he is as much "trying to reason with the people at Heritage Action", I rather thought they were attempting to discuss an issue with them. The discussion seemed worthy of interest, which is why I posted it here. I thought the points made by HA in response to the issues raised about how the responsible detectorists should relate to the irresponsible one was especially worthy of highlighting. Do you not agree?

I do not know why you think that should in any way be an "attempt to dismiss and embarrass him [or her]". I do not even comment on it, merely highlight a couple of phrases of note. Can you explain why this is "embarrassing"?

Neither is it clear to me, since two people's texts are quoted, whose texts in this article you consider "nonsensical rants". Perhaps you would be so good as to explain that too?

How do you think responsible detectorists can influence the "Grey Detectorists"?

Anonymous said...

Barford uploads nonsensical rants, Heritage Action needs reasoning with ... anyone would think it was us who had our fingers in the communal pot.


Pisz Aniu, pisz... said...

Heritage Action quote:
"Resign from any club that doesn’t have a rule making reporting to PAS compulsory (that’s all of them except one)".

That's not true. Our club - PHEC Thesaurus, also has this rule and I'm hearing that more clubs are considering that option.

Paul Barford said...

I think you're going to have to help us here, where are the Rules of the club on your webpage?


What happens to a member found not reporting everything? Does that apply to all those people who came over from Poland as guests of the club?

Anonymous said...

For the record, here we are 5 months later and still no such rule visible on Igor's website, just a statement "we stress the importance of the Code of Practice on Responsible Metal Detecting" which of course means nothing (but makes landowners think it does, no doubt).

As for "I'm hearing other clubs are considering this rule" I think he must be hearing things.

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