Saturday, 8 February 2014

Apollo of Gaza : Sam Hardy Untangles the Tangled Web

The story of the Apollo of Gaza origins are much more complicated that anyone thought. Kudops to Sam Hardy for a plausible, verging on brilliant, attempt to untangle the threads of the overlapping narratives: 'The Gaza of Apollo: the origins of the origins story?' Conflict Antiquities, February 8, 2014)
If Mounir and the West Bank Ministry’s story was true, then Scuto and Taha would have disrupted the sale and prevented the export. At that point, Hamas could have decided to make the best of a bad job. Then, conjuring up a new fisherman to tell a new story of accidental discovery, all-too-precisely rewritten from the original account… providing genuine documents that discussed conservation… presenting sincere scientific partners… Hamas could have begun to use the statue as a tool in the struggle for civilian aid and state recognition.

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