Saturday, 17 September 2022

"The Public Archaeology of Treasure": First Discussion

Archaeosoup/ watching brief have produced an hour-long video podcast on "Tut, Tat and Indiana Jones: Archaeologists and the Curse of the T-Word!!" (16th September 2022) about the book recently produced The Public Archaeology of Treasure edited by Howard Williams, Samuel Clague and Peter Reavill (paperback book and PDF Downloadable):
0:00 Introduction 
1:52 Welcome Howard Williams [the discussion of the book begins here]
3:15 Public Archaeology of Treasure
7:21 Death/ Heritage: A Renewed Resonance…
10:45 Is ‘Treasure’ an Accessible Concept?
16:22 Treasure as a Moral Conversation
22:53 The Tutankhamun Effect?
26:19 Support us on Patreon!
27:04 Rapid Pace of the Conversation
28:11 Laws, Nations, Rights and Responsibilities
36:22 Environmental Parallels and Framework
41:43 ‘Digging for Treasure’ ‘Citizen Science?’
43:35 The D-Word… ‘Detectorists’
46:06 Seeking Better Public Conversations
48:09 Are we Jealous ‘Credentialed’ Killjoys?
51:53 The Different Roles We can Play!
54:39 Risking ‘Flak’ from Colleagues
57:20 Return the Golden Cape!
59:27 Conclusion
There are a lot of things raised here, a couple of them I'd like to comment on, but I want to read the book itself first... and am a bit bogged down with other things at the moment. There is a lot here to discuss. For now, I'll just draw attention to the point made that although there was quite a lot of literature touching on various issues of "metal detecting" and the illicit (note he said that) trade in antiquities, there is still a huge lack in literature of more monographic treatments of the "broader popculture, political, and legal connections with archaeological theory, practice and public engagement" - which is true. What is completely impossible to understand is why this should be. Especially as the public-funded Portable Antiquities Scheme, right in the middle of the debate has held an annual "conference" for nearly quarter of a century - of which (unless I am missing one out) only ONE has resulted in any kind of permanent publication. 

I can't wait to get into the book itself later. 

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