Monday, 14 September 2009

Update on the "Cultural Property War" (sic)

Latest, latest, get the latest news on the "Cultural Property War" straight from the horse's mouth. Well, actually nothing new at all, "the ACCG continues to seek information... " bla bla, "behind-the-scenes" bla bla, "further evidence supporting the ACCG's long standing suspicions" bla bla "official misconduct" bla bla. Apparently the coineys are asked to believe that State Department officials are fearful of confrontation with the ACCG jihadists.

"The trial is now in the hands of thejudge, whose verdict is awaited". I bet there's 50 000 US ancient dugup coin collectors out there really holding their breath for that one....

The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild is the only organization actively defending the rights of collectors against the steady and insidious encroachment of legislation and regulations aimed at restricting and perhaps eventually banning private collecting.
And why would that be? Would that be because the rest of the US antiquities dealers' associations and real collectors' groups agree to abide by US laws, not to find excuses to ignore them? So what makes the coin dealers think they are so special? Because Petrarch collected coins? Tell it to a judge.

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