Monday, 29 February 2016

Archaeologists Throwing Stones

Readers may remember some of the sock puppetry that went on last month around Battlefield Recovery and my discussion of some of it ('Łubu-dubu ...). One of the people discussed,  Samantha Sutton answered with a few comments of her own about another TV programme showing archaeologists investigating a battlefield site. I posted this up here as a separate post (Friday, 5 February 2016, 'Flanders Battlefield Excavations; Methodological Questions from a Member of the Public'). To this day all I have had is a few offline comments from one archaeologist - but not a single comment has been made online. That's rather odd, there was a lot of discussion when it was metal detectorists shown, then the whole archaeological world and its dog felt the need to say something about 'standards' and 'appearances'. So why not here too? Quite an eye-opener.

But then.... there is quite a lack of activity on the "Sam Sutton" twitter account after the one plugging the Nazi War Diggers remake and the somewhat androgynous correspondence with me. Sam or the person posing as Sam even forgot to note (or receive any greetings) on her birthday two days ago. Where were you Sam? Out metal detecting? Perhaps that is the reason nobody took the comments seriously, too obviously a sock puppet.

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