Monday, 28 September 2020

Artefact Hunting and Gender in US


Allyson Cohen, self-styled Detecting Diva, from Connecticut​ (USA), has a bit about succumbing to couch-potato-dom as the years creep by (The Aging Detectorist April 12, 2020). This caught my eye:

I started out in this hobby when women were scarce, and the men’s discrimination toward us was epic—dismissing any woman’s decent finds as being found by luck, not by skill. So I’ve paid my dues, kicked a ton of guys butts in the field, and was instrumental in opening up the hobby to women. Mission accomplished.

This is worth putting alongside my comments on the alleged 'inclusivity' of UK artefact hunting with metal detectors (' How Inclusive is Metal Detecting?', PACHI Wednesday, 24 June 2020). 

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