Thursday, 29 October 2009

Rabble raising Rant from ACCG Ideologue

ACCG ideologue and lawyer Peter Tompa discusses the article “Elmalı treasure finally on display at home”, concluding in a classic example of transparent and pathetic rabble rousing which is all one learns to expect from these quarters:
The high costs of hiring lawyers helps explain why source countries now generally look to the U.S. Justice Department to pursue such matters in court. That in turn forces the U.S. taxpayer to in effect subsidize the enforcement of unfair, foreign laws, like those of Turkey.
No, what actually is costing the American taxpayer money in cases like this is the total disregard of a minority group of US citizens. There would be no need for the American taxpayer to finance anything at all if the antiquities market in America was run on transparent and ethical lines in which there was no place for illicitly obtained material like the smuggled Emali hoard.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the famous Decadrachm Hoard-- the first case, I think, of the Turkish gov't pursuing collectors and traders.

Wholly agree with your point about "minority group of Americans"-- whose activities are criminal (in regard to the law of Turkey) and generally noxious (in depleting the finite resource of knowledge about the past)

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