Thursday, 8 July 2010

Crown versus Kate Harding Overturned

Readers might remember the fracas over a coin that was not a coin when the British archaeological establishment tried to convict 23-year old blonde Kate Harding of failing to report a Treasure find which she'd found in her own garden. The whole case depended on when a coin is not a coin, some readers will remember I pointed out another similar case which the PAS/Treasure boffins missed - silence over that one of course. Instead of picking on one of their "partners", the field-hoovering, find-hoarding metal detectorist, they foolishly went for this one and lost a lot of public sympathy.

Anyway, Kate Harding's conviction has been overthrown and the inconsistent UK archies will have to look elsewhere to get their first conviction. Try again chaps.

Vignette: Shropshire Star

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