Tuesday, 27 July 2010

US Collectors: What is the Cultural Property of the US?

In a longer post here I discussed the views being propagated in US antiquity collecting circles ('Unidroit-L SS and Stolen Cultural Property where Scott Semans writes that the notion of cultural property is a "bastard concept" with "idiotic precepts" used only by "radical archaeologists and grasping third-world politicians". Nobody else on that "discussion list" has demurred. We may well ask then what is the cultural property of the country where these collectors live and expound such views? Does the United States not have any cultural property then?

Mr Semans? Mr Welsh? Mr Tompa (who "observes" it - presumably from afar)?

Vignette, cover of A. R. Crite's Towards a Rediscovery of the Cultural Heritage of the United States.

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Paul Barford said...

I mailed Mr Welsh with a link to this post suggesting he might like to raise it on Unidroit-L. So far he has not and has not even acknowledged my mail. Quelle surprise.

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