Friday, 10 September 2010

"Help Stop the Greek Coin Grab"

When I saw the title "Help Stop Greek Coin Grab" appear in a Google search today, I assumed, as anybody would, that it referred to the upcoming CPAC meeting about illegal coin exports and the "grabbers" that were to be restrained were those who grab as many dodgy coins as they can as cheaply as possible from those that buy them from looters and smugglers. But then I noted that the link was to a coin collecting magazine and this puzzled me. Now, there are claimed in the folklore to be some concerned and ethical collectors of coins, so perhaps one of them had penned this article to counteract the cultural property grabbism of dodgy dealers and the pirate collectors opposed to regulation of the purchase of illegally exported artefacts. That would be an interesting read.

Sadly, opening the link showed it to be a text like any other on the topic by ACCG's Peter Tompa and the "grab" he wants collectors to help stop are the Greeks's efforts to prevent the smugglers and looters from selling abroad ancient artefacts found in Greece. What a sad commentary on the state of the cultural property debate.

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