Saturday, 16 October 2010

Channel Four video: look at the ground

This Channel 4 News video ("Nick Martin filmed this report on his iPhone from the field where the helmet was discovered") was made the day after the Crosby Garrett sale. It purports to show "the very field" where the helmet was found. Look down at the grass, shallow earthworks in the pasture? In other words, the kind of site the metal detecting code of responsible practice tells detectorists they should be keeping off...

Despite the secrecy which has surrounded the find for months, apparently all a TV crew had to do was ask nicely and the whole nation can learn where the field is where such treasures can be found. Or can they? Now here he says the finder was a "metal detector[ist]". Now look at this other Channel 4 one filmed in the same field by the same guy (at forty seconds - remember he is in Crosby Garrett, apparently having talked to the landowner with whose permission he's presumably walking around in his field):

Who found it?

Who are the "new owners"? Carlisle Museum knows. It has officially ended its "keep the helmet in Cumbria" which is either a good sign, or a bad one.

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