Monday, 11 October 2010

Coiney Advocacy Group ACE "never expected to see the day when we'd run short"...

Coiney Advocacy Group Ancient Coins for Education "never expected to see the day when we'd run short"... of ancient coins. After all those years of metal detecting and bulldozing of ancient sites in the Balkans, ACE has found that it is becoming more difficult to obtain bulk lots of coins, even in the sort of poor condition they use for their pro-collecting propaganda masquerading as "education". Now I wonder why that is? Could it be that the archaeological record of the Balkans is a finite resource, and twenty years of uncontrolled exploitation to fill foreign markets has almost exhausted the accessible bits of it? An achievement all those US schoolkids can look back on with pride when they grow up and become aware of the role of artefact hunting in the destruction of the world's archaeological heritage (if they do - can't see how that can happen with that kind of "education" by unthinking teachers as their background). I am sure the Munich and other markets will soon be channelling stuff from some other over-exploited source country to the US to keep the cashflow flowing.

V-Coins today, 148 dealers of dugup coins offering 110,039 items (aver. 744 each), to a value of $21,278,261 (193 dollars a coin). Twenty one million dollars. And not a single one comes from US soil.

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