Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fluffy Bunnies Getting British Archaeological Preservation Nowhere

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Shouldn't we be asking ourselves how we can better support education & outreach to metal detecting communities about best arch practise [sic]?

What, like this?
Buckinghamshire's FLO with her head down a hole with her PAS-"partners"

17 million quid this "outreach" is costing. How much more do you want to spend on it before concluding it is futile under present conditions? We can keep hopefully hugging the fluffy bunnies, or we could start, at long last, discussing what we consider good practice and bad practice.

Professor David Gill ('The Lenborough Hoard' Looting Matters Friday, January 2, 2015) makes a similar point:    
Two feet underground does not sound like a surface find. What stratigraphical and contextual information has been lost? (For a discussion of these issues see the forum article ['The Portable Antiquities Scheme and the Treasure Act: Protecting the Archaeology of England and Wales? Reply to Austin, Barford, Moshenska, Renfrew and Worrell'] in Papers of the Institute of Archaeology 2010.) [...] We look forward to seeing the publication of the excavation as well as the finds in due course.
Five years later, the PAS has never addressed the points made by Gill in that paper and we see things like this happening on a commercial artefact hunting rally.

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