Saturday, 10 January 2015

Philistine of the Year

Private Eye names Northampton Borough Council leader David Mackintosh Philistine of the Year for Sekhemka sale.

Meanwhile, let us recall how many UK metal detectorists with their own living-room-museums seemed to approve of his action for "standing up to" the "pompous Museums Association": 

Hat’s (sic) off to Northampton Borough Council for giving the bossy-boots, po-faced MA the Agincourt Salute.
I asked at the time, outside the shoe factories of Northampton itself, to what degree do these philistine selfish anti-public-culture oiks represent the wider British public? It seems that Private Eye thinks they do not. 
TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this behaviour, for these are precisely the sort of people the PAS wants to grab more and more millions of public quid to make into the "partners" of the British Museum, archaeological heritage professionals and to whom they want us all to entrust the exploitation of the archaeological record. Take a good look and decide what you think about that as a "policy".  

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David Knell said...

"David Mackintosh, from Northampton Borough Council, said the Private Eye award was "a good bit of fun"."

Brilliant award but sadly it's water off a duck's back. Once a philistine, always a philistine.

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