Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Samantha Sutton and the Great British Archaeological Paradox

As author Jordan Jacobs notes (from SamanthaSutton2):
“The government actually pays you to loot sites?" asked Evan. "What about the archaeology?"
UPDATE 7.10.14
I see that this post has been picked up over on one of the more noisome industry and hobby lobby blogs run on behalf of international antiquities dealers associations involved in the no-questions-asked trade in dugup artefacts. Sadly the dealers picked an American who collects ancient coins to run it and we are all aware of how difficult it is for coineys stateside to get right even the simplest facts about the British antiquities 'preservation system' (I use both terms here loosely). It obviously is completely beyond them (the PAS needs to contemplate a comic book version). So "what do they [concerned conservationists] think would happen if the PAS went away?" is the rejoinder. I do not know how many times these people have to have explained the difference between the Treasure Act (in its three main regional manifestations) and the Portable Antiquities Scheme (within the legislative framework, a completely separate regional organization). I think there are some groups of people to whom you can try and explains something until you are blue in the face but they will still stubbornly refuse to comprehend. It seems to be a malady that affects those who collect dugup antiquities more frequently than not.

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