Monday, 3 December 2012

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Seen on eBay

Have a look on eBay and you'll see a very odd photo of a coin of "Coenwulf hammered siver coin. New variant" posted there for sale by a guy [ allmetalmode (379 )] who sells a lot of metal detectors and metal detected stuff. Yes, it's the photo which is for sale on eBay:
My coin found recently...the coin is in Spink Auction on November 4th. Interested parties please see spink auction. If you bid here on ebay... you will receive a photo of the coin only. COENWULF (NEW VARIANT) unknown bust and cross on other side has no pellets. So this is a new die and an unrecorded type of this king. Spink atribution; Mercia, Coenwulf (796-821) Penny. 1.3g. East Anglian. Portrait ?. Ipswich. Wihtred,diademed bust right, rexm+coenvvlf. estimated £2,000 to £3,000 Sale date proposed 4/12/12. 
This is the same Spinks that sold the ACCG the coins for its illegal coin import stunt and also sold some of those Cambodian statues in the news recently. The coin pictured (only one face shown by a fuzzy shot) looks like a well-known series of fakes, chunky flan, odd lettering, so where did the metal-detectorist get that from one wonders. Is this really being sold by ACCG-pal Spink's as an authentic coin?  The date of the Spink sale seems to be incorrect.

What is going on? More metal detecting malarky that's what. Needless to say a search of the PAS database does not reveal a record corresponding to this "found recently" new variety coin. Straight out of the ground and into Spinks. "All fer the love of 'istry, i's not the munny ov course yer understand - but buy me coin, pleeze".

Vignette: Coin purported to be on sale by Spink's (eBay)

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