Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Sold to That man with 5000 quid...

eBay seller emmak78 (267) a metal (not in it fer the munny) detectorist from Dartford in Kent has become bored with the "study of the past" using some of his finds:
"Stunning and Rare Eadred penny found metal detecting" ebay 400347406163
[We*] have for sale a stunning and rare eadred penny that i found metal detecting,this is the best example i have ever seen it is compleatly flat with no chips cracks and nice toning it is even better than any shown in any coin books or web sites so it is possibly the best one in existence.i am starting the auction at a really low starting price so dont miss out on one of the best saxon coins to go on ebay happy bidding" Starting bid: GBP 600.00 
The coin sold outside eBay for 5000 pounds, cash in hand.You can search the PAS database for it in vain, it is not there.

* the finder and landowner of course he meant to say. 

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