Monday, 3 December 2012

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Extraordinary Exhibition of Tekkie "Intellect"

Steve's next work-in-progress is believed to be
"Britain's Hottest Metal detectorists"  (Bieter blog)
Anybody in any doubt about the intellect of the "only-interested-in-studying-the-past partners" of Britain's Portable Antiquities Scheme ought to take a look at the three video slide show compilations put up by an English metal detectorist, apparently in answer to the issues raised on this blog:

'Paul Barford's Hot Girls, Portable Antiquities Collecting' ("Hot Babes, with wet pussies and big cocks") Caution: involves animal cruelty. 

'Paul Barford's Hot Men, Portable Antiquities and collecting Issues' ("The hottest men on the planet", the BNP fascist's choice - not a single Arab, African or Oriental among them)  

- and for some reason known only to the author of these videos (ebay trader Flying2Blue): 'Justin Bieber, Paul Barford, Portable Antiquities Collecting'

Said "Flying" also goes under the name "Steve-the Barford Slayer" aka Steve Taylor, of the Portable Antiquities Society, a typical exemplar of the milieu.

[Since he is so keen on challenging others, one feels justified in asking whether Mr Taylor actually owns the copyright to all the images he shows.  UPDATE: perhaps some connection, the Justin Bieber film is now down]

Also, is it not very cowardly of this person to put something like that up on the Internet and using a pseudonym instead of his real name? This too is typical of the milieu.

Quite what point the guy is trying to make escapes me, but within two days of being put up, it has already sent seven hundred tekkies tittering and smirking like pubescent schoolboys. (Update 5/12/12 - 780).

The point I would make is that millions of pounds of public money is being wasted trying to do educational outreach to just such people. Looking at this kind of thing emerging from the milieu, one can only ask after fifteen years of effort, whether that money could not have been spent more usefully. How can the state talk of being in "partnership" with such people? Ridiculous.  


Hidden History said...

What's you talking about boy. Barfly the Detector slayer. Mr Flying must be another fan off your, nothin' to do with me Guv!, I guess he must be using the Google ranking or wanking system in this case to move your blog down the page, by using the most searched for names on google in his meta tags. I suppose the idea behind it is when someone Google's your blog they see this crap, ah well at least all the crap will be in one place. Barf Barf! I don't think the name Paul Barford is copyrighted, so must be fair use in this case.

Paul Barford said...

I only post the comment above (using an offensive name I have repeatedly asked Steve Taylor not to use) because in my opinion it further demonstrates - and amply so - the point I made about the (lack of) intellect in the detecting community.

Paul Barford said...

Steve Taylor, jobbing gardener (, and "ambassador for the hobby", looking now for clients as autumn and winter loom.

Give the guy a job, otherwise he'll spend the winter trawling this blog and sending his usual insults and threats as he did incessantly last winter, and the one before.

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