Thursday, 20 December 2012

Next ACCG Illegal Import Stunt?

The Ancient Coin "Collectors" Guild stubbornly refuses to admit they have no case, in a bid to attract more attention, they are reportedly now going to petition the Supreme Court to be heard. The ACCG lamely complains:
American importers of ancient coins are burdened with extralegal administrative regulations, collectors in most other countries may import the same coins with impunity. 
As a concrete demonstration of their assertion that despite the measures of the 1970 UNESCO Convention, "collectors in most other countries" are blessed with the ability to "import the same coins with impunity", it seems likely that the ACCG will be looking for volunteers to fly from Athens, Nicosia, Rome and Beijing in order to pass through several international airports (Amsterdam, London Heathrow, Zurich, Singapore and Bangkok). ACCG dealers will most likely prepare groups of  suitably-selected dugup coins from Greece, Republican Rome, Cyprus and Han China, coins for which there is no paperwork. These would then be placed in flexible plastic tubes inserted at a suitable moment in an airport toilet into the bodily orifices of the travelling volunteers.  Having successfully and with impunity imported all those coins into several European countries by such means, the coins themselves will be auctioned in the next ACCG "Benefit Auction". The whole exercise will presumably be videoed for the benefit of the Supreme Court. So far, it seems such volunteers are not coming forward in droves to help support the ACCG case.

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