Sunday, 9 December 2012

Inside Sotheby's: Auction House Reveals Details in Khmer Statue Case

The "Chasing Aphrodite" blog has another bombshell story ('Inside Sotheby’s: Auction House Response Reveals Key Players in Fight Over Khmer Statue' Chasing Aphrodite blog,  December 9, 2012). The key is in the emails supplied to the US court attached to Sotheby's response to the government's amended complaint in the legal battle for the Khmer warrior from Koh Ker. The bloggers publish because they give us
"an unusual glimpse into the vetting process used by leading auction houses with a piece of ancient art they knew would raise legal and public relations concerns. The Sotheby’s emails reveal for the first time the identities of several key players in the drama". 
Among them are: Anu Ghosh-Mazumdar, Zara Porter-Hill, Henry Howard-Sneyd, Jane Levine (who represents the 'trade' in the US Presidential CPAC). The "terminated" scientist of a previous post is named as John Twilley.

But their presentation is a bit of an understatement. The exhibits well repay some careful examination (look carefully at the dates and cross reference them) as I think they reveal a good deal more than mere "vetting" procedures. A very great deal more.

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