Sunday, 8 April 2018

It Took Some Time, but it is Official ‘Jordan Codices’ proven fake

Readers may remember the case of the lead codices allegedly found in a northern Jordan cave between 2005- 2007 and promoted as authentic and important antiquities by David and Jennifer Elkington.  The Jordanian Department of Antiquities (DoA) has definitively announced that they have been proven forged (Ahmed Bani Mustafa, ‘Jordan Codices’ proven fake — DoA', Jordan Times Apr 07, 2018).
The codices, comprised of more than 70 ring-bound books entirely made of lead, were reportedly found in a remote valley over a decade ago. The DoA Director General Monther Jamhawi said that the codices are a kind of “professional” forgery that was executed skillfully. 
No they were not, the official is just making excuses for the tardiness of the recent announcement.  But he is right saying that 'this [...] counterfeit has created confusion', as do any antiquities of unclear nature surfacing on the no-questions-asked market - see for example what Oscar White Muscarella (The Lie Became Great) says on the matter of bazaar archaeology (sometimes you could even read it - as here - as  'bizarre').

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