Saturday, 9 July 2016

"Citizen Archaeology"

According to the British Museum in its 2016 Annual Review hot off the press, artefact hunting is "citizen archaeology". So here is some more citizen archaeology:

"Citizen Archaeology" at secret location in Kent

Keyhole carrier bag "Citizen Archaeology" at Lenborough

The effects of "Citizen Archaeology" at Wanborough

"Citizen Archaeology" in Witherley.

"Citizen Archaeology"  in Egypt

"Citizen Archaeology" in Dorset

Citizen Archaeology in Iraq 

Citizen Archaeology in Assad's Syria

"Citizen Archaeology" in Peru

"Citizen keyhole Archaeology" in Devon


Citizen archaeology everywhere hoiking out lots of artefacts - but at what cost to our knowledge of the past? That Kent find for example - "you done well" said the Portable Antiquities Scheme. The Lenborough Hoard Hoik also got the PAS seal-of-approval. So what actually do the staff of the British Museum mean when they use the word "archaeology" today? Hoiking artefacts?

And here's some "citizen ornithology".

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