Tuesday, 12 July 2016

"Oi'm a Citizin Archeol'gist Oi Am, The British Museem Sez so"

Antiquaries in Britain
Heritage Action are concerned about the image of archaeology which is being propagated by the staff of a major British research institution. With reference to my request that the British Museum share with us all their definition of the term "archaeology" (as in "artefact hunting is citizen archaeology") they comment:
Update, Tuesday 12 July 
Paul Barford received a reply which didn’t answer the central issue so far as we are concerned. Consequently we have just sent the following message to Susan Raikes, Head of the Learning, Audiences and Volunteers Department:
We have a couple of simple but (we think) very important questions. Does not the BM have a central duty to “inform”? Is that duty fulfilled by telling landowners that anyone at their gate carrying a metal detector is a “citizen archaeologist”?
The Heritage Journal
Let's see what BM "Learning" comes up with (anybody out there holding their breath while waiting for an informative reply is strongly advised not to).

This is a pretty pathetic show, one concerned member of the public in HA, one blogging bloke in Poland and the rest of British archaeologists, the CBA, CIfA, Rescue are utterly silent on the issue of the public portrayal of the discipline. Like the Society of Antiquaries.  This is the sort of addle-brained muddlewhimpsyflop thinking the PAS encourages and flourishes on the back of.

Artefact collecting is not archaeology and anyone who thinks they can show that otherwise is cordially invited to share their views in the comments below.

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