Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ancient Lamps from America

The antiquities dealer Alte Roemer (Dr. Alexander Khalaidovski and Dr. Matthias Hoeh) are based in Munich and Hamburg and seem pretty desperate to get rid of a group ancient lamps many of Middle Eastern types.
we have a special offer of 49 ancient oil lamps for dealers and serious collectors. You will find professional fotos and detailed descriptions (German) below. The lamps are all attributed, dated, referenced and published in our online catalogue. Ideal for re-sellers! The total list price of the lamps is 3827,- EUR. We are offering the set for a 50% discount. 1818,- EUR.
The problem is... um, how to put this? The "provenance" they offer for the ones I looked at is not really, well not really anything much at all: 
"Provenienz: 2009 in einem traditionellen deutschen Auktionshaus erworben. In dieses eingeliefert aus US-amerikanischem Handel". 
Still, they are cheap, so no doubt they will find some cheapskate cowboy dealer who'll rashly add them to their stock, or a greedy collector who does not care less.

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