Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cultural Property "Observations" Worth Addressing?

A lobbyist's idea of open discussion of portable antiquities issues:
Mr. Barford is not welcome generally to comment on this blog given the tenor of some of his previous comments as well as much of what appears on his own blog. 
The guy however reluctantly agrees to me posting a single comment "to address Mr. Howland's and Dave Welch's [sic] comments" under his post about Neil Brodie's text on paperless trafficking of Middle Eastern antiquities. If  however you see what the metal detectorist and coin dealer wrote, there really is nothing to discuss there. The kind of personal attack Bailey and Ehrenberg 's cultural property lawyer encourages on his lobbyist's blog (link currently on the legal firm's website) to disguise the lack of proper discussion of the issues really deserves no comment. Pathetic, this behaviour is juvenile, superficial and pathetic Mr Tompa. That is my comment.

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