Thursday, 10 May 2018

In Bonkers Britain, a Toothless DCMS Issues Statement on Treasure Act

Statement by DCMS on the Treasure Act.

The Under-Secretary of State at the Department for "Digital" (-something) from Northampton seems unaware that PAS is not IN the Treasure Act and therefore plays no role in the Treasure Process it defines... In a normal country, you cannot change legislation by tweaking the explanatory notes. In Bonkers Britain, it seems some think you can. By the way that 'expansion' took place in 2003, some decade and a half ago. Yes, let the consultation say they have to rewrite the whole Act to provide better protection for Britain's archaeological heritage a a whole and just not the things being hoiked by the thousand by 'finders' (hunters) with Treasure-hunting machines. (Let us call a spade a spade.)

What will the archaeologists of the PAS be doing to further that aim?  Don't hold your breath while waiting to see anything.

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