Monday, 13 May 2019

Collectors' Corner: The Strange World of an Essex Dealer in Old Stones

In Darkest Essex, the Clacton seller: dvdad123_7 about whom I wrote earlier has been for another walk on the beach. He found lots more items that he's now trying to get people to believe are artefacts. Clacton seems to specialise in these people (see here). The FLO's outreach here seems to be having rather a poor reach.

'DVD Dad'  has a 'Paleolithic zoomorphic shaped flint scraper ( UK )' $32.58 Buy It Now Free international shipping , a 'Palaeolithic Venus figure in the gonnersdorth style $58.65 or Best Offer Free international shipping', a 'Paleolithic humanoid shaped flint scraper ( UK ) $45.62 Buy It Now Free international shipping'. Golly. Then there is the 'PALEOLITHIC MAN / ANIMAL STONE SCULPTURE / HAND AXE TOOL $13.03 Buy It Now' and a 'EX PALEOLITHIC DUCK / BIRD SHAPED HAND AXE $45.62 Buy It Now', and what about  'A SMALL STONE BADGER FROM THE STONE AGE PERIOD ((UK ) $39.09 Buy It Now'. Just what every "citizen archaeologist needs in their home museum.Who could pass us a 'TOFFEE COLOURED FLINT HAND AXE FROM THE PALEOLITHIC PERIOD WITH IMAGERY (UK ) $51.48 Buy It Now'? You could display it alongside the 'EXCELLENT SLIM CUT FLINT PALAEOLITHIC VENUS FIGURE $58.65 or Best Offer Free international shipping' seen in a piece of tabular flint - probably would appeal to the collector more into little girls than the more rubenesque form of most Palaeolithic sex dolls. It is rather disturbing however that she has all the skin (cortex) stripped off down her back... What dark fantasies lie hidden here? But the pride of any collection must be the object that the FLO to whom the finder no doubt showed these objects apparently identified as a 'EARLY PALAEOLITHIC TYRANNOSAURUS DOUBLE HEADED FLINT SCULPTURE $254.14 or Best Offer Free international shipping', which would look good alongside the 'EARLY PALEOLITHIC COLOURFULL DRAGON /BEAST HEAD / TOOL $110.78 or Best Offer Free international shipping'.

The Neolithic period supplied 'stunning free-standing rock sculpture' that looks remarkably like a big pebble, and some broken stones that are said to be an 'Excellent small Paleo / Neolithic Zoomorphic flint scraper' and another excellent find, a 'Lower palaeolithic horse shaped flint hand axe' and a Palaeolithic 'bird god figure' .

All of his transactions are 'private' so we cannot see what he's sold. A lot of the sold items appear to have been 'snapped up' by  regular 'buyers'.

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