Sunday, 26 May 2019

UK Antiquities Market Watch, Are Laws Being Broken? 'Ancient Roman Wall Plaster Fragment From Somewhere With Original Paint'

Spotted by ARCA‏ @ARCA_artcrime being sold by ancientworld95 (1006  ("Why is Antiquities Dealer Association Dealer, Brigantia, selling pieces of Pompeii on eBay? Hey, Jie Yin do you have an export license?"): RARE! Ancient Roman Wall Plaster Fragment from Pompeii With Original Paint  ( A few hours after this was pointed out, mention of the origins of the piece were deleted from the sales offer: RARE! Ancient Roman Wall Plaster Fragment With Original Paint.  So legitimation by reticence. As the market works today, it's a case of "ask no questions, get told no lies".

Note that 'ancient worlds' has a whole bunch of unprovenanced GOLD items represented as antiquities - one can see that with dealers less than forthcoming about origins, how the law concerning the reporting of Treasure items can easily be circumvented in the UK by simply not saying where the items was found, when and how. And NOBODY is monitoring this.

Empty words:
“ADA members shall promote the lawful trade in antiquities and oppose any illegal and unethical trading and the illegal removal of antiquities from their countries of origin. This is a key principle of our Association”
Like: "the PAS is monitoring EBay"...

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