Saturday, 20 July 2019

"On this day" Dumbdown From Bloomsbury

It is difficult, I suppose, to be a curator in a self-proclaimed 'encyclopedic museum' that presupposes that its audiences can make meaningful connections between the looted material of different countries if it is displayed in adjacent galleries, but actually knows that the majority of them are not in fact cognitively equipped to do so. So you resort to mindless dumbdown to attempt to 'make the collections relevant' (anyhow you can) to justify their continued existence. So this is what happens when you do not have any lunulate pendants, dedicatory inscriptions to Luna, Islamic crescent emblems or other moon-related items to hand and really, really want to write something on Twitter:
Sue Brunning ‏ @SueBrunningBM 10:36 - 20 lip 2019
I'm stretching a bit to link @britishmuseum's #AngloSaxon collections with today's #Apollo11 anniversary - so here's a 6th century #crystalball from the #IsleofWight that not only looks a bit #moon-like (esp in BandW) but also has half-moon stamp marks on its silver frame. Tenuous?
Pointless, lacking in respect and totally unhelpful. There is a story this archaeological object and its context of deposition and discovery tell, but its nothing to do with Buzz Aldrin and NASA.

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