Saturday, 17 October 2020

UK Detectorists Stubbornly Endangering the Public Spreading Germs [UPDATED]


Grubby-handed grabby UK metal detectorists can't be bothered with providing clean lavatories in their events, now they are having difficulty following Boris's new Covid regulations. Although Weekend Wanderers' next two commercial rallies, in Oxfordshire and Hampshire, are in medium risk areas (tier 1) many of their members come from London etc (tier 2) so they have canceled them. By contrast, Let's Go Digging Nationwide Metal Detecting Events [13,300 members] commercial rallies tomorrow (Gloucestershire) and next week (Return to Wilsford, Wiltshire) both tier 1 presumably, are still on, with just a warning not to come if you're in Tier 3 (only Liverpool and Lancashire), no mention of London (tier 2), Birmingham (tier 2) etc. I suppose they've got to make money somehow. Will there be police there checking numberplates and IDs? Metal detecting in England and Wales needs regulating, now. 

Update 17th October 2020

These rallies do seem to be getting more contentious and attracting the attention of law enforcement too (barely literate heritage grabbers seem an easy target):  Sovereign Metal Detecting Rally Event in Shropshire. Have a look at the first comment below too, last line. Metal detecting in England and Wales needs regulating, now. 

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Brian Mattick said...

So it's not a case of law breaking just well, different standards of behaviour let's say: Weekend Wanderers aren't "comfortable" with people coming from High Risk areas, whereas LGD ARE comfortable with that it seems (that'll be Londoners and Brummies too, oh Joy, notwithstanding any finite risk to their customers, the landowners, the burger van operators or the locals.

Mind you, they still just have time to cancel tomorrows Glos rally. Where is it in Glos you may wonder? Ah, that'll be emailed later just to those who've paid. Why would that be do you suppose?

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