Saturday, 14 March 2009

Bring on the clowns again

Michael Jackson announced last week that he will be coming back on stage to pay off his debts. Peter Tompa has just announced that another (ideologically) bankrupt group will also be making a comeback. He reports that the former members of the American Council for Cultural Policythe only cultural organization to have had effective discussions with the Departments of Defense and State in the period immediately prior to the beginning of the Iraq War in 2001” (sic) have begun to discuss its reactivation to help deal with the flood of antiquities that have been flowing steadily but illicitly out of Aghanistan in the wake of "Operation Enduring Freedom", the US-led occupation. The ACCP is the sister act to the coin dealers' lobbying comedy troupe the ACCG. It has been described by some as “little more than a lobbying group for the antiquities trade” in general. It was within its ranks that a number of the hilarious one-liners which are now classic staples of recent pro-collecting standup acts were apparently born. It remains to be seen if the ACCP attempt a comeback whether they stay with their former scriptwriters and repeat the time-tested jokes of yesteryear, or whether they will reach out to new audiences with fresh material.
To add spice to his little piece of showbiz gossip, Tompa alleges that the ACCP act will be returning to the stage because of something Larry Rothman wrote on SAFEcorner. In my opinion, Mr Tompa should try and get together with metal detectorist Gary Brun some time, they’d probably make a great double act.

Vignette: Michael Jackson (reputedly)

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