Sunday 29 November 2015

Palmyra Museum Loot Intercepted in Turkey?

I was suspicious of this news item and decided not to report it, but Sam Hardy has had a closer look, discovered several different and muddled versions, and decided: 'Antiquities, looted from Syria’s Palmyra Museum, seized while for sale on the local market in eastern Turkey? No'. He discusses and illustrates the two items reported. Both are pretty crude fakes. He describes the sellers as at best "exploitative but incompetent opportunists" rather than regime agents or tax-paying middlemen in cahoots with ISIL.

Vignette: vase not from Palmyra

UPDATE 12th Nov 2015
 To clarify, by "pretty crude fakes" I meant not the antiquities they were claimed to be. I agree the vessel is more likely to have been as a modern decorative item and not even to be intended to masquerade as an antiquity.

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