Sunday, 28 May 2017

Greek police arrest two, Recover illegally excavated statue,

Greek authorities have announced the arrest of two men, aged 36 and 63 in possession of an illegally excavated ancient marble statue of a young man made around 550 B.C. (Ap, 'Greek police recover illegally excavated statue, arrest two' AP 26th May 2017).  It is reported that they had been attempting to sell it for 200,000 euros. The object was in a badly battered condition and had recently been broken into four segments about 50cm long. Most of the face had been shattered and the lower legs were missing below the knees.
It was unclear where and in what circumstances the work was excavated. Police said they recovered it Wednesday from under the front passenger seat of a car the two suspects were driving near the town of Corinth in the southern Peloponnese region.

 The reason why the car was stopped was not reported. 

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