Thursday, 28 August 2008

First Time out with a Metal Detector, Find Hoard

Treasure hunters' delight at the discovery of Roman coins bounty Treasure Hunting August 2008.
Three treasure hunters have unearthed 62 Roman coins which date back 1,700 years. Adam Staples, Lisa Grace and her 14-year-old son, Tom Grace - out with his metal detector for the first time made the discovery on land near Stanton-by-Bridge. The trio, from Derby, were scouring the soil when their equipment began to beep. Mr Staples scooped up the earth and in his hands were the first of 62 ancient coins they would find over the next six days.
There are no coins or Roman coin hoards recorded on the PAS database in the region around Stanton (just south of Derby). But there is a record of the hoard in the Treasure report for 2007 (p. 183):
Stanton area, Derbyshire: 62 copper-alloy nummi (PAS: DENO-4D6A35; Treasure: 2007 T570) Date: Roman (deposited c. AD 305). Discovery: Found by Adam Staples and Lisa Grace while metal-detecting in September and November 2007, and reported to Anja Rohde (Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire FLO). Description: A small early nummus hoard containing coins dating from the introduction of the nummus (c. AD 294) to the end of the first Tetrarchy (c. AD 305). [...] Disposition: Derby Museum and Art Gallery hoped to acquire, but withdrew. The British Museum hopes to acquire coins 1 and 32. R Abdy

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