Saturday, 25 January 2020

Coin From Homs: Psst, Wanna Buy From Me?

Many of the comments under the BBC video are religious in inspiration, but this one caught my eye:
تغريبة عربية
جدتي تمتلك نفس هذه النقود و جدها والدها وهو يحفر أساسات منزله في مدينة حمص.
و لحد الآن ما زالت تحتفظ بها. 
و لديها قطعة كبيرة تفوق 5  سم
حقيقة أمر جميل جدا عندما تلامس أصابعك قطع ضاربة في أعماق التاريخ.
My grandmother has the same coin and her grandfather and her father are digging the foundations of his house in Homs, but still keeps it. It is a large piece that exceeds 5 cm. In fact, it is very beautiful when your fingers touch pieces rich in history.
and the inevitable several people who also claim to have such coins, or other Roman coins for sale and offering them (for some reason) to readers of the You Tube comments...  Crazy world.

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