Saturday 20 May 2023

Bakhmut Museum

Bakhmut (in 1924-2016 - Artemovsk (in Russian) or Artemivsk (in Ukrainian)) is the oldest historical and cultural center of Donetsk Oblast, standing on the banks of the Bakhmutovka River about 65 km northeast of Donetsk. [history -]. Before the Russkiy Mir came: "Located in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, Bakhmut is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences, making it well worth a visit". Bakhmut·sʹkyy Krayeznavchyy Muzey - Local history museum ( Nezalezhnosti St, 26 Bakhmut Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine)
The Bakhmut state museum of local lore originates from the district historical and local history museum, founded in 1924 by the doctor and naturalist Borys Valkh. It is located in a building built in 1911 by Bakhmut industrialist Veniamin Frantsuzov. In twelve halls there are expositions of the departments of nature, archaeology, folk life, history of the 19th century, the Ukrainian revolution, 1920-1930 years, the Second World War, post-war five-year plans, literature of the native land. The most valuable exhibits: a late Paleolithic flint axe, a collection of Bronze Age weapons, a unique collection of items from the workshops of ancient metallurgists, a Scythian statue of the 6th century BC.
The Bakhmut Museum of Local Lore was completely destroyed by Russian troops during the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.
Video: Shelling of Ukrainian held positions in progress.

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