Thursday 8 June 2023

"The Hoard": "Detectorists" meet Leominster

   Staffordshire gold used to promote TV show  
Upcoming Channel 5 TV miniseries 4x60' centred around Treasure hunting in the UK:    
The Hoard is the story of keen detectorist Martin (Morrissey) and his wheeler dealer soon to be son-in-law Ashley (Buckley) who, while on a boys bonding trip in the idyllic fields of rural Somerset, discover a hoard of buried Saxon treasure worth millions. Legally, they should declare it, but Ashley spots an opportunity to look after number one, and as pressures are building at home with his wife Anne (Ripley), straight arrow Martin can’t help but have his head turned. It’s tempting. If they sell it on the black market, they could be set for life and Ashley has the connections to make it happen. But with a hoard this good, could it really be that easy? After all, they might not be the only ones out for its spoils. [...] Simon Lupton commented: "Seven Seas Films is delighted to be able to bring the characters and story Dan has created to life. Martin is going to find temptation a frighteningly powerful adversary, which takes him into situations he is painfully unprepared for. We hope the viewers are thrilled by the twists and turns as he struggles to keep control and save his family. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity provided by Channel 5 and ITV Studios, and the support of Quay Street Productions, which enables us to share this rollercoaster ride with audiences."

Filming for the series begins in the UK this spring and is expected to air on Channel 5 in the UK later in 2023.
Let us see whether this shows artefact hunting and its interface with the antiquities market for what it is. Not holding my breath though, Channel Five is the same setup that made an earlier inglorious attempt to make cash from promoting metal detecting in that awful "Digging for Treasure" last year. And some of the promotional material uses photos of the Staffordshire Hoard.

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