Sunday, 25 August 2013

UK Metal Detecting's Ambassador to Europe ?

Heritage Action have a post up today called "A tale of two Staffordshire fields" a pretty innocuous text, one would have thought. A casual mention following it that I'd written something about the costs of guarding a site however elicited the following response from one of the ASPD folk in the UK metal detecting fraternity:
graham [Chetwynd] 25/08/2013 at 11:48:
Mr barford we will meet soon and then we can have A PROPER CHAT .just me and you see you soon Graham xx
Nigel S 25/08/2013 at 12:07:
Mr Chetwynd, I take it that’s a physical threat, like the late-night telephoned one you delivered to me. Paul isn’t a member of Heritage Action but I’ll pass it on to him.
graham 25/08/2013 at 13:32:
Take it exactly how you want to but its a promise to be honest. 
What a treat that will be. Mr Chetwynd coming to Poland to have an articulate discussion about metal detecting. In fact, if he lets me know in advance I'll book him up to give a talk to all those lost souls at the University here that want to believe  that the Portable Antiquity Scheme is achieving great things. Let them meet a real metal detectorist from England, I think between us, Mr Chetwynd and I can pretty soon disabuse them of any illusions.
NCMD Code of Conduct ( Appendix A to the NCMD Constitution):
9) Remember that[...] you are an ambassador for our hobby. Do nothing that might give it a bad name. 10) Never miss an opportunity to explain your hobby to anyone who asks about it.
Vignette: Part of the Chetwynd logo (motto: "Success through effort", Mr Chetwynd is putting a lot of effort into his interactions with this blog, his actual achievements however remain to be seen).


Paul Barford said...

Steve Taylor, metal detectorist and jobbing gardener (, another noteworthy "ambassador for the hobby" offered a comment, but under an assumed name which I have asked him not to use here and in such offensive tones that I am not going to publish it. He can take that kind of language elsewhere.

Paul Barford and his amazing talking arsehole said...

Oh dear, what a shame and never mind. Also I don't give a stuff what you do or write, I'm just here to be a thorn in your side, for the rest of your natural days. But as you are such a fat bastard, we should be shot of you by next year, as that fatty heart beats it's last pulse.

Paul Barford said...

Steve Taylor, jobbing gardener (, and "ambassador for the hobby" reveals the purpose of his life.

Paul Barford said...

Folks, Steve the self-proclaimed Talking Arsehole is available for hire, he does weeding, grass cutting, patio-washing, you name it, he does it.,
As an added bonus, he'll really impress your neighbours with his loud demonstration of his rich command of the English vernacular, hurling insults at all and sundry, as he works (Selected samples in the comments section on this blog). Imagine having his off-white van parked across their driveway. For just a modest hourly fee, you can have Mr Talking Arsehole working in your garden, effing and blinding in your yard, trampling on the perennials and peering through your windows at your kids. Hours of fun and entertainment. He sings and dances too:
(Does not do Bar Mitzvahs).

[He's apparently not very good with red hot pokers Kniphofia (which do not "thrive in peaty soil":, but they have gone out of fashion lately]

Paul Barford said...

Remember: Steve Taylor, metal detectorist and jobbing gardener ( For a richer experience.

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